Policy for Maintenance and Utilisation of Physical, Academic and Support Service Facilities. The need of policy making arises from constant, uninterrupted and smooth functioning of these services and facilities.


  • To achieve optimum utilization of resources and services for the benefit of stakeholders.
  • To receive constant, uninterrupted and smooth functioning of physical, academic and support service facilities.
  • To prevent misuse and misconduct of resources and services.
  • To achieve timely up-gradation, replenishment, repairing and replacement of the resources and services.
  • To set standardized maintenance and utilization procedures for resources.
  • To reduce probabilities of accidents at workplace for ensuring safety.

The Mechanism for Implementation

Day to day maintenance and care is being taken by the administrative office, in consultation with the principal. Local Management Committee/ College Development Committee monitor overall functioning of facilities and services. The absolute and essential requirements of minor expenses of maintenance or replacement or construction are immediately sanctioned in the meetings. The requirements of large expenses are sent to the Management Committee for approval and funding. Following activities are undertaken on the continuous basis:-

  • Plumbing repairs and replacement.
  • Electrical repairs and replacement.
  • Cleaning up of water tanks.
  • Repairs of furniture and fixtures.
  • Cleaning the ground.
  • Computers repairs etc.

To take care of maintenance, services of the professionals and technicians are sought.

Computers Repairs

Computer Hardware maintenance is carried out through annual maintenance contract that is given to the outside agency i.e. Yash Computers, Shahapur. In addition, faculty and staff members of B. Sc. IT help in maintaining the computer systems in order.

Reprographic Machine

The services RICHO India Ltd., Andheri, Mumbai are hired for the maintenance of reprographics machines.


The services Zen Technology System, Malad, Mumbai are hired for the maintenance of CCTV.


Equipments are maintained as and when needed. Help is also sought out from outside agencies. Periodically infrastructure maintenance is monitored by the supervisor, appointed by the management. College premises are utilized continuously for the whole day. As we have Commerce, Arts and B.Sc.-IT classes, that are conducted in the morning from 7:30 am to 12:30 pm. In the after-noon self-financing courses i.e. B. Sc.-IT, B.Com. with Banking and Insurance, B. Com. in Accounts and Finance, P.G. in the subjects of History, Economics, Marathi, Hindi and English classes are conducted. Besides college premise are also utilized for YCMO University,Nashik center for counseling on the Sundays and holidays, that include the social elements that are depraved of their education at rights due to certain conditions/limitations.

During vacations and holidays our college ground is utilized by outside agencies i.e. Telure Cricket Club and other NGOs. Outsiders pursuing higher studies and competitive exams like M.P.S.C. / U.P.S.C.,SET/NET, Examinations are allowed to make extensive use of the reading room of our library on all the working days. Thus, the institute makes optimal use of all the available resources throughout the year.

General measures for optimum utilization

  • Departments and office staff take care of facilities made available to them.
  • Institution takes care for proper use of infrastructure facilities.
  • The staff from IT Dept. looks after ICT facilities. For major problems, the college has AMC with the local service provider.
  • The supporting staff having technical and mechanical skills looks after the day to day maintenance of infrastructure.
  • Fire extinguishers are placed at appropriate places, and they are refilled periodically. For library books and office, document preservation, periodic paste control is carried out.
  • An external electrician takes care of electric fitting and wiring when needed.
  • For drinking water supply, the college has installed water purifiers and coolers which are maintained by the supporting staff.